Simple, because it is what we do. While other companies offer golf course signage as an option, it is not their primary focus. Major Markers specializes in manufacturing signs and accessories specifically for the golf course industry. Please browse our website to view examples of golf signage we have created for municipal golf courses, private clubs, resorts and world class facilities around the globe. Over time we have perfected our designs to be attractive, durable and functional all based on feedback from our customers (golf course owners, superintendents, grounds crews & our distributors). Major Markers offers the largest selection of standardized bronze and aluminum course marking systems available in the industry with the ability to create custom designs based on your ideas or needs.

Our In-House Manufacturing Capabilities include a full service foundry, pattern shop, artists & designers, CNC machines/routers, paint and powder coating departments, metal fabrication, welding, digital printing and more! We also team with companies that allow us to offer additional capabilities and product options that may be needed to complete your project. If you are looking for a cost effective, high quality marking and signage package for your golf course choose the Major Markers brand.  We stand behind our products and service so that you can rest assured your purchase will perform as intended. If you would like more information about our products, capabilities or prices call us today; we will put you in touch with one of our dealers today.

Cast aluminum and bronze plaques are manufactured using sand molding process in our state-of-the-art foundry. All plaques are created with certified raw alloy ingot material. Bronze castings are the material of choice for interior as well as exterior applications because of the high copper content. Although the surface of bronze will naturally patina over time, the material itself will not deteriorate. The same product layout and design options are available for both bronze and aluminum plaques. Bronze plaques have a “reddish gold” appearance when polished; aluminum has a brushed silver look. Aluminum plaques may also have the raised areas hand painted in a variety of color options. Both materials are excellent choices for outdoor applications, many years of low maintenance service can be expected. We also offer refurbishing service for all metal plaques and markers, call us for details.

Cast Bronze and aluminum plaques are known for their durability and offer timeless beauty. Over time, even with regular cleaning bronze will “Patina” turning the metal surface a greenish or dark brown color. This is part of the natural oxidizing process that occurs when copper is exposed to the elements. Our polyurethane finishes and clear coats will slow the aging process, but eventually all plaques will begin to oxidize. Cast aluminum plaques will also corrode/oxidize or over time. Aluminum plaques tend to darken and a chalky white oxidation can appear when exposed to salt or certain chemicals. Many companies promote “Rust-Free” aluminum or bronze plaques, which is true because the materials are absent of iron (rust is the name given for the oxidation process on iron). While some customers love the natural “aged” look that results from the oxidation process, others prefer the crisp factory finish on their cast bronze or aluminum plaque. We offer a variety of refurbish and restoration services for cast metal plaques; call us for additional details and prices. Port City uses the highest quality paints and finishing techniques available in the industry, view our Paint & Finishes Section for additional information.

View our Maintenance & Cleaning Info Brochure

The weight of a bronze plaque can be estimated by calculating the plaque’s volume in inches (height x width x depth) x .31. For smaller plaques (under 36″ x 30″) allow .25″ as the approximate depth. Use .375″ for plaques over 36″ x 30″.

Example: For a 12″ x 12″ plaque calculate 12″ x 12″ x .25″ = 36 cu. inches x .31 = 11.16. The plaque’s estimated weight would be 11 lbs.
An aluminum plaque is approximately 1/3rd the weight of a comparable sized bronze plaque. In the above example, simply divide the answer by 3. A 12″ x 12″ aluminum plaque weighs approximately 3.6 lbs.

Note: The weight calculation formula above is only an estimate of what your plaque might weigh. Actual plaque weights may vary slightly from casting to casting.

Only the Best. Visit our finishes page for a complete description of the paints and process we use to finish your golf signs. It has taken us years to test and refine our finishing process.

Many specifications sheets for various products can be found on this website. If you are looking for a particular specification sheet and are having trouble locating it please call our customer service department, they will be happy to assist. Most of our products are designed and manufactured with unique specifications. We will furnish a scale approval drawing to you for review on any custom order before manufacturing begins. If you would like to get started please send your project information to our customer service department and we can begin the discussion today!

We have a variety of standard mounting options available that will suit almost any need. However, sometimes customers require specific mounting styles or hole locations, which we can accommodate. Major Markers has also worked with multiple customers to design and fabricate custom mounting solutions. If your project requires a custom mounting solution, or you need something that is not shown in our literature, most likely we can meet your needs if you provide us with a few pieces of information. Call us today to discuss your project.

Yes we do! The process of a complete refurbish of your existing sign involved sandblasting all the old coatings or oxidation from the casting and applying a new finish coat. Typically the rule of thumb for cost is about 1/3 the price of the same product brand new. We recommend taking a picture of your sign and sending it to us by email so it can be quoted accurately. If the sign or plaque has suffered significant damage, or has deep dents or gouges, those parts may take additional work and cost to repair. Call our customer service department for additional information on quoting your refinish job. You can also view our Care and Maintenance brochure for more info.

We package all of our products in premium recycled double wall boxes and cardboard sheeting. For heavier shipments we pack everything on wood pallets and double wall boxes. Shipments are shrink wrapped to secure all boxes and cartons to skids, packing lists and special instructions clearly marked. Each marker is carefully inspected before packaging and wrapped individually in brown paper or foam wrap to prevent damage. Your hardware will arrive in yellow packaging envelopes & sealed poly bags clearly marked with an orange “hardware included” sticker so it can be quickly identified and prevent being thrown away on accident.

We have negotiated the best rates with our exclusive nationwide carrier. If you would like to compare freight costs with your carrier we would be happy to provide weight and dimensions. All of our shipments are covered with insurance to protect your products from dock to destination.